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Wolfe Creek Preserve AGLOW with Visiting Outdoor Writers

On Tuesday, September 18th, Wolfe Creek Preserve will be AGLOW with over 150 visiting outdoor writers. Members of the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers(AGLOW) are embarking on an outdoor adventure they won’t soon forget. A collection of talented photographers, writers, and media specialists who focus on promoting the outdoors through their publications will certainly make headlines during their afternoon at Wolfe Creek Preserve. They’ll have the opportunity to fly through the treetops while zipping, take photographs of the beautiful flora and fauna bountiful throughout the preserve, and gaze at the sunset-filled horizons of the Ozark Mountains. Continue reading

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Safari Dan Returns from Successful Trek to SYTA Annual Conference

Here at Wolfe Creek Preserve, we believe in the benefits of immersing yourself in a new location. Travelling somewhere new to experience new sights, sounds, and activities can allow people to grow emotionally, socially, and change their perspective on the world in a positive way. The Student Youth and Travel Association holds some of the same opinions regarding travel; their mission statement states that they are an organization that seeks to promote “travel experiences for student and youth which enhance their social, cultural, and educational growth” (Source). Continue reading

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