Meet the Guides: Patrick Wilder

Patrick first danced his way into our hearts at the beginning of this summer. In fact, Patrick has been dancing since age 6. He has tried all different types of dance and finally settled on hip hop. He even taught hip hop dance for about 4 years. Patrick is originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida but has lived all over the country from Washington D.C. to Kansas City, Kansas to Hot Springs, Arkansas. We are so glad Patrick finally ended up here at the Branson Zipline. He is the epitome of a World Class guide. He definitely puts his guests at ease while on the course. His advice is “When in doubt Dynamite!” Here’s a picture of Patrick ‘dynamiting.’ DSCN0241 When we asked if he had any special zipline memories, he spoke of a couple that he took on tour that was celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. He said it was great to see a couple that was still trying new activities together after all those years!

What made you want to work at the Branson Zipline?

-Driving down Highway 65 I saw Safari Dan’s Billboard!

When and where was your first Zipline experience?

-At Miami Beach, I ziplined off a pier into the ocean.

If you could describe yourself in 3 words what would they be?

-Fun, exciting, and awesome

Aside from dance, Patrick also enjoys hiking, parasailing, baseball and volleyball. Although Patrick hasn’t zipped with us in the fall yet, he says he can’t wait to be able to see the leaves change colors from the Towers at Branson Zipline. Patrick has started classes, majoring in business and minoring in choreography. Hopefully you can catch him zipping through the trees between classes. To make your reservation to Zipline with any of our world class guides go to Also check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.DSCF6635

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