Meet the Guides: Conner Hunt

Conner Hunt is a versatile member of our team here at Branson Zip line. He’s a fun Zipline guide, helpful at the front desk and office, and is an award-winning yodeler (we’ll get to that last point later). Conner says he enjoys working in the office because “it’s when you can try to calm people down and open their minds about zipping.” At the front desk, Conner helps hundreds of our guests with the check-in process, informs them about our world class eco-adventures, and helps them choose the tour that suits their preferences best. In addition to this role, he also guides many of our tours. His positivity, effortless interaction with guests, and passion for all things outdoors make him a great guide! When interacting with guests on his tour, Conner says that the best advice he gives is to “have an open mind.” Conner’s words echo our philosophy; as a company, we believe that our world class eco tours and highly trained professional guides allow guests to challenge themselves to new experiences in a completely safe and positive environment.

Connor’s been at Branson Zip line for one season and already he’s proved his versatility and excellence as a guide and member of our office team. We asked Conner a few more questions to get to know more about him:

1. What’s the best part about working for Branson Zip line? The great people here!
2. Do you have any favorite quotes or sayings? Life is like a garden, dig it.
3. What’s your favorite season to zip and why? Spring because that’s when the trees bud and it’s beautiful outside.
4. If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be? Fun, outgoing, sarcastic.
5. Any fun facts about yourself? I’m a cheerleader at MSU.

Though Conner is outgoing most of the time, he might not share on tour that he is an exceptional yodeler. Recently, Conner competed at the Show-Me State Games where he was named the Semi-Pro Yodeling Champion! If you’re lucky enough to get Conner as a guide, make sure you congratulate him on his accomplishments and ask him to perform a snippet of his award winning routine! When Conner’s not zip lining or competing in yodeling competitions, he loves all kinds of sports and all outdoor activities. His enthusiasm for outdoor adventures is only one of the reasons that he’s such an exceptional guide. If you’d like to meet Conner or get the chance to hear him yodeling through the treetops, be sure to make reservations in advance for one of our world class eco-adventures! We look forward to seeing you!

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