Meet the Guides: Brooke Lynn Morrow

When Brooke Lynn Morrow applied to work with us over a year ago, she hadn’t heard of ziplining. Now, with over one year’s worth of experience, training, and hundreds of zipline tours under her harness, she’s already dreaming of taking her passion for ziplining with her on dream vacations to tropical locations like Costa Rica! Her transformation from being unaware of ziplining to an incredible guide is a testament to how amazing our staff and zipline course are! Not only is Brooke an excellent guide, but she’s also the star of our incredibly diverse retail shop, Wolfe Creek Station. When you walk through our front doors, Brooke will probably there to give you the biggest smile and welcome to start your day off in the best way possible. Her expertise in both retail and as a top-tier zipline guide are only a few of the many reasons that we love having Brooke as part of our team.

We are proud to have Brooke Lynn Morrow as one of our team because of her genuine interactions with guests, willingness to experience new things, and her diversity of interests! We asked Brooke Lynn some questions to get to know her better and she shared some fun facts about herself as well as a touching story about a guest that she got to know:

1. Are there any special zipline memories or experiences with guests that stand out? I was on a tour with a woman who I noticed was silently crying. When I asked if they were tears of joy or fear she told me her sister had planned the trip a year prior and her sister had died this spring of breast cancer, she did the trip alone in remembrance of her. Every time I go on tour now I think of her to remember to treat each person as more than just a guest.  For many they are  seeking an experience more meaningful than just for the thrill.  Its awesome to be a part of that experience!
2. What’s your favorite season to zip and why? Fall it is beautiful in Branson when the leaves change colors so I’m excited to fly through falling colored leaves.
3. Any advice for people ziplining for the first time? If you live being afraid of adventure you’ll miss out on the exciting things in life. So relax and have fun.
4. What made you want to work for Branson Zipline? I love being outdoors and experiencing new things, here I do that every day and love it!
5. Any fun facts about yourself? I have a twin brother. I dot my I’s with hearts, some say I swim like a fish I’m an excellent tree climber (the apples at the top taste better) I have an amazingly overactive imagination.

We love Brooke’s enthusiasm for the outdoors, adventure, and sharing those interests with others through her job as a guide and retail associate here at Wolfe Creek Preserve! Not only is Brooke an exceptional guide, helpful to guests, and the friendliest face around but she has many other interests as well! She is a self-proclaimed bibliophile and loves learning languages, which is a fun interest to have since so many of our guests visit us from all over the country and from different parts of the world! Brooke has also spent immense amounts of time outdoors before coming to work with us; she competed in cross country and track throughout high school and college and also participated in colorguard!

Whether Brooke greets you when you walk through the door, is the helpful voice on the other end of the phone while you’re asking questions about tour times or making reservations, or is soaring through the skies as your guide, we know you’ll enjoy meeting her and that her smile will stay in your memory just as much as the exciting zipline moments will! Check out our tour webpage and be sure to make a reservation soon – spots fill up quickly for tours in the summer! If you have questions about any tours or wonder which would suit you and your guests best, be sure to give us a call! Who knows, Brooke might be the one to help you out! Brooke and the rest of us here at Wolfe Creek Preserve can’t wait to greet you with a smile and a fun day spent outdoors, so be sure to come by and see us sometime soon!

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