Meet the Guides: Brittany

Brittany shared with us that her favorite season to zip is spring because she loves to see all of the flowers in bloom. We certainly trust Brittany’s judgment on which season is most beautiful on the preserve because she was born and raised in Branson so she’s very familiar with the natural beauty that each season brings to this part of the country. And even though Brittany considers spring to be most beautiful at Wolfe Creek Preserve, each season on our property is unique and wonderful in its own way. Our 33-acre preserve is a vibrant area characterized by numerous types of Oaks, Ash, and other trees, a plethora of wildlife including whitetail deer and armadillos, and stunning views of the surrounding topography from the treetops. Brittany is as invested in the outdoors as we are, which is only one of her many traits that makes her an incredible guide. We asked Brittany a few more questions to learn about her and how she enjoys spending time outdoors:

1. When you’re not ziplining, what are some of your favorite activities? I like bowling and riding motorcycles and ATVs. I also like canoeing and playing at the lake or creek.
2. If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be? Witty. Bubbly. Personable.
3. Do you have any favorite quotes or sayings? Yes, I have two: “You never know what you can’t until you do” and “To have and not need is to need and not have.”
4. Are there any special zipline experiences with guests that stand out to you? There was a woman who was terrified throughout the course and she ended up loving it at the end.
5. Any fun facts about yourself? I was petrified of heights when I first started at Branson Zipline.

In addition to Brittany’s love of nature, familiarity with the Ozarks, and her positive personality, Brittany’s desire to share a world-class zip line experience is a trait we truly value. When we asked Brittany what her favorite part about working for Branson Zipline, she said that she loves “sharing a unique experience with people”. In addition, she said she wanted to work as a guide because she wanted to “push myself and do something out of the ordinary”. We love Brittany’s adventurous spirit and her enthusiasm for sharing our world-class eco-adventures with others and we know you’ll love them too! Make your reservations today to come visit Wolfe Creek Preserve and immerse yourself in an outdoor experience that you’ll never forget!

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