Wolfe Creek Preserve AGLOW with Visiting Outdoor Writers

On Tuesday, September 18th, Wolfe Creek Preserve will be AGLOW with over 150 visiting outdoor writers. Members of the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers(AGLOW) are embarking on an outdoor adventure they won’t soon forget. A collection of talented photographers, writers, and media specialists who focus on promoting the outdoors through their publications will certainly make headlines during their afternoon at Wolfe Creek Preserve. They’ll have the opportunity to fly through the treetops while zipping, take photographs of the beautiful flora and fauna bountiful throughout the preserve, and gaze at the sunset-filled horizons of the Ozark Mountains.

Once they’ve toured, zipped, shopped and hiked, they’ll be more than ready for a hearty barbeque dinner. We’re excited that their group is so large; we’re setting up a large dining tent so that these outdoor writers can all enjoy a meal together. It’s just one example of the many accommodations we enjoy making for our guests so that each visit is catered to the variety of individuals, groups, and families that spend time with us at Wolfe Creek Preserve. We have hosted events for essentially every sized group since we’ve been open. To see some photos of parties and gatherings we’ve hosted, check out our album of photographs on our Facebook page. Some of our various sized facilities include the Xplorer Balcony that features stunning views of the ziplines and rolling Ozarks landscape, and the gorgeous, Amish-made Prospector Pavilion that features picnic tables, an outdoor fire pit, and technology support. If you’ve got a family reunion, conference, or large-group gathering coming up soon, please contact us to make arrangements to use one of our many meeting and party spaces. We love providing outdoor adventure and meeting spaces so that groups like AGLOW can accomplish their goals, network with one another, and simply enjoy the outdoors.

While in Branson, the outdoor writers attending the AGLOW conference will have the opportunity to experience many of Branson’s spectacular natural activities. Hiking, fishing, shooting, kayaking – you name it; these adventurous outdoor enthusiasts are participating. The decision of a community of writers to incorporate a visit to Wolfe Creek Preserve into their jam-packed conference weekend reflects that Branson Zipline truly is one of the country’s best eco-adventures. From setting up the wooden poles of the ziplining course with helicopters, to the decision to participate in a Forest Management Plan, it is evident that Branson Zipline cares as much about the beautiful outdoors as much as providing an unforgettable adventure for guests.
The entire staff of Wolfe Creek Preserve is excited to greet members of the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers and provide the same, incredible experience that you can plan for you and your family by visiting the Branson Zipline Website at www.BransonZipline.com!

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