Safari Dan Returns from Successful Trek to SYTA Annual Conference

Here at Wolfe Creek Preserve, we believe in the benefits of immersing yourself in a new location. Travelling somewhere new to experience new sights, sounds, and activities can allow people to grow emotionally, socially, and change their perspective on the world in a positive way. The Student Youth and Travel Association holds some of the same opinions regarding travel; their mission statement states that they are an organization that seeks to promote “travel experiences for student and youth which enhance their social, cultural, and educational growth” (Source).

Like helmets on heads or harnesses around waists, we’re sure that Wolfe Creek Preserve and young adults searching for adventure fit together perfectly. Because of this, our very own Safari Dan trekked all the way out to the 2012 SYTA Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee to share the incredible experiences Branson Zipline and Canopy Tours offers for young adults. But he didn’t go all that way alone – he traveled along with our knowledgeable sales manager, Wes Stoner. Together they met with many other businesses and individuals who, like us, seek to provide meaningful, enriching experiences for youth.

We offer many opportunities for young adults to travel and experience the outdoors. Our facility is located within close driving distance of the hustle and bustle of Branson, but is secluded enough that people (and a variety of animals) looking for a natural refuge find it within the boundaries of our Forestry Management Plan protected facility. Exciting zips through treetops both day and night, peaceful walks through nature, and social dinners and parties with friends, are only some of the versatile experiences we shared at the SYTA Annual Conference this past weekend. We loved having the conference as an outlet to express our passion for serving youth, but also are excited that young adults aren’t the only age group that can enjoy our facility; we have activities and memorable experiences for everyone. Whether you’re a kid, or just a kid at heart, we’ve got something to offer you at Wolfe Creek Preserve.

Overall, the trek to the SYTA Annual Conference this weekend was a successful one for Safari Dan and Wes. We are excited about sharing our impactful experiences with not only the treasured generation of young adults that join us, but also with people of every age. If you’re interested in working with Wes to schedule your student group, need to ask questions about the logistics of group gatherings at Branson Zipline, or anything else related, his contact information is as follows. His email address is and he’s always happy to take calls at his telephone number, which is 800-717-0998. We hope to see you, your kids, parents, and grandparents all out to see us soon at Wolfe Creek Preserve, a place where there’s truly something for everyone.

Do these exciting, character-building adventures sound like something you’d like to share with your youth group, party guests, business co-workers,family, or any other group? If you would like more information, contact our sales manager, Wes Stoner.

Wes Stoner

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